Monday, October 24, 2011

So, I'm working on finish witcher 2 to make a review for you guys, but I dont play only 1 game at once.
Meanwhile I'll play an online game called Dungeon Defenders, that I bought from Steam for 14,99$

I 3 days I'll finish the review about Dungeon Defenders, and in 2 weeks or so I'll finish The Wicther 2 and start the review about it.

Until them!
Posted by Sulzbatron On 11:19 AM 6 comments


  1. Great, can't wait to hear back about it!

  2. i want to hear of it as well take your time =3

  3. Nice! ill check it back later Follow +1

  4. 15 $ ? that's cheap, if it's good i try it out too :P +1


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